Saturday, May 3, 2014

Life on an Urban Farm

Yes, that is a chicken. Yes, she is inside on Mike's chair. Yes, I shoo'd her off after taking this picture. Miss. Houdini has been loving upto her name recently! 

Last week Mike came back in from feeding the chickens in the morning with a sad disposition. Houdini was no where to be found...which for a chicken typically means they're toast. A dog's meal. Finished... We went through the work day thinking we were down to 2 chickens. Would we take a trip to Big R to buy another couple chickens? What to do, what to do. But then, when Henry and I were taking our evening spin around the garden before the dinner-bath-bed routine, I heard her! The silly bird somehow found her way into the garage! Haha. Life with foul birds is definately constantly interesting!
Here is Red. She is pretty adventurous too. A 9 year old neighbor boy found her outside our yard once. He managed to pick her up and bring her back "before his dog ate her." What a good kid... And talented! Chickens are rather difficult to catch most of the time.

Instead if ducks, we are trying out geese this year. Check out this goslings! They are already much bigger than the ducks were at this point. 

What about the turkeys you ask? They are being shipped to us! Mike had to order like 20 of them in order for the company he went through to ship them to us, so he will be distributing them to a couple local farms and to friends who also raise chickens.
Never a dull moment around the Hartkop Farm!


  1. I totally have chicken envy :) Eventually I plan on turning half of our yard into a veggie garden and would love some chickens too. Your yard looks great!


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