Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Working Mommy

I am a working mama. Every weekday morning Henry and I rush to get ready for the day before rushing out the door to drive over to his home daycare provider's place. Henry has been going to daycare since he was about 2.5 months old so generally he knows the deal. However after spending those 2 lovely weeks in Australia attached to my hip Henry has had a harder time. 

Most mornings dropping him off is a breeze. I put him down and he hurries over to a toy car and starts having fun. Or he crawls into another room without even saying good bye! but mornings like this one are pretty tough... Henry cries for me to not leave! Grabs my legs, melts to the floor, tears and more tears. I give him a kiss and say good bye real quick. He gives me the sad puppy eyes as he watches me slip out the door. I know that once I am gone he soon forgets and moves onto having fun but boy does it do a number on my heartstrings! 

Henry's current daycare provider is wonderful. She sends me photos every so often to show me that Henry is having fun. I'm glad to see him playing and doing well. Part of me does feel a bit sad that I'm not the one watching him have fun. That I am not the one who is taking him to the park. I would be lying to say that I didn't feel those pangs of sadness. Right now it is necessary for us both to work and I like working, having something for me to do every day. Being surrounded by adults, being out of the house. It will be good for Henry too once he is ready to go to preschool he will already know that I drop him off and I will come back to pick him up. He is able to socialize all day with other kids that are older and younger than him! 

What is the point of this post? I guess I am just thinking thought the decision. It isn't an easy one. I love Henry and I miss him while I am at work. This is the life we have chosen and Henry is doing good with his little friends. 

Henry may not be walking on his own quite yet but he will cruise around with a stroller all day! At home he just pushes a laundry basket. Haha.

Even Charlie Brown loves eating chocolate covered graham crackers!!!

All of the photos in this post are courtesy of Henry's daycare provider. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Crunching Leaves

I love this time of year. The leaves have changed color and are falling off the trees. Music like Nora Jones, Diana Krall, and Melody Gardot are playing on my record player. The temperature is starting to drop (This week we may get snow! There is already snow up north! Yay!) This is the time of year when we can start to get cozy. I've been craving hot cocoa and chai tea like crazy! My favorite sugar cookies are chilling in the refrigerator ready to be rolled and cut into fun shapes for the holidays (or probably extremely pre-holidays would be more exact)! I can't wait!

Henry was very intrigued by Michael's leaf blowing abilities. He thinks everything his daddy does is pretty awesome, but watching his powers to blow the leaves around making them flutter into the air and back down was probably his favorite. It was all quite magical in his little eyes. We just stood at the back door and watched the leaves blow around. Once a huge pile was formed, Henry joined his dad for some leaf crunching fun! Henry thought it was pretty cool.
After their fun little break, they were back to work! Michael finished piling the leaves and Henry took to climbing up and down the steps.

Henry loves going up and down and up and down and up and down these steps...over and over! Which is great but also freaks me out. The steps are basically just concrete slabs with obviously no buffer to prevent a fall if he gets over zealous with his climbing and crawling. We have to stay right in line with his movements, which of course becomes like a game for Henry.

Last week Henry was out in front of the house with Michael when he took a little tumble off the bottom step! His head had a pretty good goose egg and his poor little nose had a scab! It just took a little apple juice water to help him get past the incident before he was ready to go again. Of course he is totally fine now, his nose is even completely healed. 

Oh the things a mommy of a little boy have to endure! :) (not that little girls aren't just as adventurous!) 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

This year Halloween was kept simple. An easy Charlie Brown costume, some Hocus Pocus, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin seeds!

Henry loved daddy's pumpkin! 

Bye, Bye Binkie

Henry has recently decided that binkies are totally passe. At night, instead of the pacifier being the desired item to calm his cries, now he gets more frustrated that we would think he could possibly want or need such a contemptible thing in his mouth! This unexpected revolution eases my worries about how to ween him from the pacifier! Now instead of fighting him on it, the pacifiers can go off into the sunset never to be seen again! 

I wish I could say that we did something to influence his dislike for the binkie but this is 100% his decision. My theory on why he has decided to discard them has to do with his teething. Henry has all of his teeth except for the 4 canine, and the last 4 molars. Instead of biting a pacifier he bites his finger until it is red (not great)

At night the only thing that soothes him is a bottle...which we need to start weening him from needing. He shouldn't be having bottles during the night! But, if that helps him fall back to sleep (and allows us to fall back to sleep) we do it. We have started to let him cry a bit to see if he falls back to sleep which he does sometimes, but a couple times a night he still needs that soothing milk to help relax him. Who knows maybe this bad habit will knock itself out similar to the pacifier...time will tell!

Happy Halloween! 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Australia Part 2 - Sea : Therapy : Run

One of my favorite parts about visiting Australia was being able to spend time along the coast! It was **Gorgeous** 
We spent our first few days in Australia with our friend Wombat (a nickname from long ago) and his little family in Beaumaris. 

Taking a moment to put wiggle my toes in the sand was therapeutic! There is just something about the sand and sea that quiets the soul. Even if the visit is short... really, can a visit to the coast ever be too long? I love that Henry's first visit to the coast was in another country! One unfortunate aspect to living in an inland state, the coast is hard to get to.

Beautiful. Sand. Sea. Sky.

Ahhhh.... Breath.

Australia was all about lattes! Their black coffee was pretty sour. I decided to stick with what they do amazingly well, lattes! Everywhere we went served the lattes in these cute little glasses with art. I loved it. Although it would would take two or three lattes to get me going...

Mike and I managed to work in a run while we were staying with Wombat. We ran along the the coast for a few miles then back on the city streets just off the coast. Our phones didn't have reception but Endomondo had GPS so we were able to track our run. How cool is that!? 

Along the sidewalk along Port Phillip there were these cute little patches of tiles. How adorable! I loved this bright little surprise as I ran along the sidewalk. 

While Mike and I were busy running Henry decided to put his feet up, relax and enjoy the view! I'm impressed at how good he does while we run with him! He is the best running buddy. We borrowed Wombat's stroller. It wasn't exactly a jogging stroller but it did the trick! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn day at the Park

Fall is here! I love spending time outside when the leaves change colors! Henry and I are just chilling at the park chatting with the squirrels and whatnot. :) 

Lately Henry is all about shoes. He likes to attempt to put Mommy's shoes on his little feet. Heehee, he is so darn cute!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hartkops in Australia! ~ Part 1 Flying with a 13 Month Old

So much has happened since my last post back in May! Michael and I finally, officially tied the knot. Henry turned 1 years old. and we flew to Australia as a family! From Colorado it took us approximately 24 hours of travel to arrive at our final destination in Melbourne, Australia. The longest flight took 14 hours flying there and 16 flying back! 

Eek! 16 hours. On a plane. With a wiggly 1 year old. Henry was actually complimented by a few passengers on how well behaved he was on the long flight! *fist-pump

Let me tell you, it was tricky. There were several moments I was sure the other passengers were totally shooting imaginary daggers in our direction, as they attempted to sleep to the lullaby of a crying baby. So, what helped us survive the endless airplane hours and the airport madness (customs...ouch).

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation.
2. Plenty of formula on hand. We had one of these nice little formula separators: Munchkin Formula Dispenser 
3. Don't forget the baby blankets and plenty of pacifiers... If a pacifier falls on the floor, you'll want a back up if the lights are off.
4. A few little toys. **Suggestion: avoid toys with noise... for your sake and for the passengers around you.
5. Hallelujah for in flight movies!! Now, my son doesn't watch TV yet, but on a 14+ hour flight having birds or other cartoon animals on screen helps distract for at least a minute. "Look dog!" (Dog is Henry's word for all animals at this point in life).  Luckily the flight to and from Australia had endless movies. The birds on Rio 2 or other animal based movies would entertain Henry for at least a minute while Mike and I scrambled to get a bottle fixed.   

6. This little umbrella stroller SAVED US time and time again throughout the trip. As you can see here, Henry was pretty out of it as we raced from one plane to another. I can't remember if this photo was taken before or after the 14 hour flight... Our trip to Melbourne started with a drive to Denver, then a flight to San Francisco, followed by the long flight to Sydney, through customs, and finally a short flight to Melbourne. My little trooper did really well overall!

7. Benadryl : If all else fails on the long flight overseas... give him a little Benadryl (after you check with your doctor regarding the appropriate amount). My doctor actually suggested that we use Benadryl if Henry was having a hard time relaxing on the plane. We only had to use it once on the long flight there and once on the long flight home. Other than that, Henry slept or was content with the little TV, toys, playing his own game of peek-a-boo with the sleeping passengers...etc. 

By the time we made it to Melbourne Mike and I were feeling a bit cabin fever crazy! Henry did really well and we survived. The flight back was amazing! Lucky for us, there were less people wanting to fly to the US from Australia! Henry was able to sit, play, lay down, and sleep in his own seat between us! My arm was thankful. :) Getting back on Colorado's time zone was not quite as fun... but more on that later.