Friday, February 20, 2015

An 18 Month-Old Little Dude

Henry had his 18 month wellness check this week! The nurse had him stand on the scale for the first time ever...which Henry didn't enjoy at all but who likes being weighed anyway? Our baby is 27 pounds and 32.5 inches tall! How did our little newborn get to be such a big boy so fast!? This wellness visit included 3 shots. :( It breaks my heart to see him so anxious and in pain. He survived...barely...and once we were in the hall far away from the clinic room and safe he accepted his Dum-Dum sucker. Yum! 

At 18 months Henry is a big fan of all automobiles. He loves when buses, garbage trucks, fire trucks, or any other big vehicle drives by. Motorcycles make a cool sound and Daddy's Vespa is pretty much his favorite. Mike will ride up and down the street while Henry looks on in amazement! Dad is pretty cool! 

He loves being outside more than anything. He could run around our back yard all day if it weren't for inconvenient necessities like eating, sleeping, and cold weather. He does laps around our garden beds, climbs up and down the back steps (trying to give Mommy a heart attack), and he chases the "idy" (aka: Kitty). His stroller is his favorite mode of transportation. I once moved the stroller from the sidewalk to the porch so I wouldn't get wet and in his mind I may as well have set the stroller on fire. 

Our little baby is growing up! He is officially a toddler in every sense of the word! Soon we will transition him from his crib to a toddler bed just in time for his little sister to move into the crib. I am apprehensive about how Henry will transition into being a big brother who has to share Mommy's lap and attention. Luckily he is accepting more cuddles from Daddy as they form a new level of father-son bond. That is a relief. For a while Henry only wanted me...for everything...100% of the time. 

Time will only tell! This is an amazing adventure we are on with our little boy! We cannot wait for his little sister to join the craziness! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fasching Winter Karneval 2015 : Let's get GLAMOROUS!

The Pueblo German Club throws an amazing karneval! The Fasching Winter Karneval 2015 was awesome, even for this 21-weeks-pregnant-chick. :) The costumes were fantastic, the entertainment was fun, and the turn out was stellar! The party was complete with an acrobatic performance, a 1980's band, and a Glockenspiel Pot Dance (which sounds like it was hilarious but we didn't get to see it in person because we had to leave by 10:30 pm). Being obviously pregnant and not giving myself enough time to plan I kept my costume simple and went with a 1920's inspired look. But now that Mike and I know what this party is all about next year (hopefully) we will go all out and get into our costumes.  

While we were off having our lovely, rare date night complete with dinner and a party, Henry was able to play with his favorite teen babysitter. He gets excited when she comes to play with him. :) 

Speaking of rare date nights, 2015 is starting off being a busy year! We have gone on 2 fun, costume themed parties! By Halloween and Oktoberfest we should be good to go for a couple more fun costume themed dates too! Babysitter permitting. Finding a babysitter is the tough part for us. We are here in the middle of the country and all of Henry's grandparents are in Oregon so they aren't an option. Henry's daycare provider will watch him every once in a while but that makes for a looong day for Henry so we try not to do that too much. The best option is finding a high school student or early college student who is able to come watch Henry. The absolutely perfect option would be someone who can drive themselves! But at this point we will take anything!  For now we enjoy having Carrie watch Henry every once in a while. :)

Our chickens are still fairing well this winter. Here is Bowie visiting the front porch. They fly over the top of the coop and wonder the garden searching for bugs and to steal Frankie's food and water (which he hates). 

Here is Henry enjoying an apple with peanut butter. He loves peanut butter!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Little Aussie Girl

Hello Little Aussie Girl! 
We loved seeing you wiggle around today! What a sweet little girl you are. The ultrasound tech said you were a beautiful, easy baby to capture. We saw your heart beating, your arms and legs, your cute little nose... awe your Mommy and Daddy love you already! June can't get here quick enough, I just can't wait to hold you in my arms!

Your older brother likes to drive his cars over my belly. Sorry for all the jabs he sends you. You will need to get used to being picked on so we may as well start now. Heehee. He may not know it now, but he will enjoy having your company around the house. He needs a little friend to play with at home. I can't wait to watch the special brother-sister relationship to develop as you two grow together. He will watch over you and tease you as big brothers often do.

We love you baby girl. xoxo

<3 Mommy 

Monday, January 19, 2015

19 Weeks Pregnant

Last weekend was a blast! On Friday night one of our good friends was having his 40th birthday party. The party had a 40's theme so I decided to put my hours of watching hair tutorials into practice by attempting Victory Rolls! And it worked out! Mike and I had an amazing date night! Henry had a looong day at daycare, which ended up making for a looong clingy night...but it was fun! We went to sushi for dinner, in our snazzy outfits aannd then we went and saw all of our friends! Happy Birthday Wade! Thanks for being the excuse we needed to have a fun night out! Everyone looked gorgeous at the party.

I watched a variety of hair tutorials to figure out the victory rolls. One of the blogs I found was Freckled Fox. She is stunning and has amazing tutorials! Another gal I followed was Abby at Twist Me Pretty. She has been super helpful in showing me how to figure out various braids too! Her videos are awesome! The tutorial I actually had open while I did victory rolls was this one by Kayley Melissa. During the week leading up to the party I tried the rolling technique but none turned out as well as the day of the party, which is perfect! I honestly had a hard time with curling my hair in the technique that Kayla used, curing it with a 1" curling iron and pinning the curl to my head until it sets but I managed to give my hair some a good curl and wave none the less. I was pretty excited when I finished placing the last you can see in this photo:

Even though we had a rough night following the party, Mike and I went on an adventure 2 hours north to Ikea with Henry. Henry napped in the car on the way there and on the way back, thank goodness! He didn't really want to get in the cart at first but he finally gave in. He preferred running free, bumping into other poor customers oblivious of the little dude darting across the aisle. Henry got a toddler bed on this excursion! Our goal is to transition Henry to the toddler bed before his little sister arrives in June. We are crossing our fingers that this transition goes well... I will keep you posted on what works for us!   

Henry was Daddy's big helper as he put together the 2 dressers Mommy & Daddy bought for their room. Henry thought all the metal pieces and the screw drivers were pretty cool! "Like this Daddy?" 

I will leave you with this photo of Henry stacking red Solo cups. He thinks stacking and re-stacking these cups is super fun. It is also fun to scatter them around first before re-stacking them. :)

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow! Yay! I can't wait to see Henry's little sister!

Friday, January 2, 2015

17 Weeks Pregnant

17 weeks and past the holidays! Boy is it time to start moving again! This mama has indulged in lots of yummy pie, food, and chocolate! When I go to the gym I generally stick to what I'm good at... Running on the treadmill. Buuut since I am not really running anymore I have decided to branch into my discomfort zone by working in some weights! Eek!

Today I did about a mile of fast walking with the incline scaling between 2 and 6. Then I popped over to the stair machine (which is the best!) If you want to work your legs and your endurance go for the stair machine. Then I was hungry (what else is new?) so I ate some fruit snacks and a Nutri Grain Bar. Time for the weights! Here we go! 

The weight room always makes me nervous! All those buff guys and gals grunting and lifting huge weights... Then this thin armed gal walks in and goes for the 5lb or 7.5 dumbbells... Oy. But I survived. Luckily it was a slow weights day otherwise I probably would have chickened out as usual. :)

2015 is off to a great start! We had an extremely low key New Years Eve watching Game of Thrones until about 10 (maybe...) and calling it a night. At 1:30am when Henry woke with some teething pain we said a quick Happy New Year as we drifted back to sleep. Haha! :) 

Until next time! Peace! :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Quiet Hartkop Christmas

Christmas! What a fun time of the year. This year was another quiet year for us. None of the family flew out here and we didn't go anywhere. It was rather nice to have a stress free holiday but we did miss seeing Henry's Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, & cousins. Oregon is just too far away for my liking! 
Our Christmas wasn't completely lonely though! We are lucky enough to have a little family in town.  Michael's brother and sister in-law came over to our house for Christmas Eve dinner and to open a few gifts. Dinner was a decadent with a Cornish Hen for each of us. Those little birds are such a fun way to make a simple meal a little fancy. I mean, each person getting their own bird? I wish I had gotten a photo of the delicious spread of food we shared! It was a gorgeous candlelit dinner.

Henry enjoyed opening his gifts. He doesn't quite understand the concept of ripping the paper off but he thought it was pretty funny when we did it for him. We would try to get him to help by starting the rip and telling him to pull...he preferred to watch the destruction and then swim in the paper afterwards. Silly dude!

Henry loved these little metal trains he received for Christmas! They are a bit heavy for him so it is hilarious watching him grunt and grip them tight when he carries them around. He pushes them around then forgets about them and ends up stubbing his toe on them. 

Gloves! Auntie Lindsay helped Henry put his new gloves on. He decided they were the best accessory to his outfit and kept them on for the next half hour until it was time to go to bed.

Christmas day was pretty low key for us. Michael was really sick with the flu so he slept all day (after we opened gifts!). Henry loves all of his new treasures! Blocks, trucks, books, and big Lego's are all his new favorites! Thank you to his family for sending him such fun gifts! 

Everyday of our holiday weekend Henry insisted on going for a walk. Mike &/or I would take him around the block allowing him to get some energy out. He loves being independent while cruising along the sidewalk. :) 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is coming!

I finished my Christmas projects! Here are our stockings. I'm not a pro so there are a few mistakes but overall they are wonderful! 

On my list today: 
- Bake a cherry pie
- A couple last minute gifts
- Quick run to the market for last minute items for Christmas Eve dinner

When I asked my husband what I should bake for our Christmas Eve dinner Mike decided he wants to eat a cherry pie for Christmas. So today I will venture to bake one with a toddler running around! Wish me luck! :)

Merry Christmas!