Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn day at the Park

Fall is here! I love spending time outside when the leaves change colors! Henry and I are just chilling at the park chatting with the squirrels and whatnot. :) 

Lately Henry is all about shoes. He likes to attempt to put Mommy's shoes on his little feet. Heehee, he is so darn cute!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hartkops in Australia! ~ Part 1 Flying with a 13 Month Old

So much has happened since my last post back in May! Michael and I finally, officially tied the knot. Henry turned 1 years old. and we flew to Australia as a family! From Colorado it took us approximately 24 hours of travel to arrive at our final destination in Melbourne, Australia. The longest flight took 14 hours flying there and 16 flying back! 

Eek! 16 hours. On a plane. With a wiggly 1 year old. Henry was actually complimented by a few passengers on how well behaved he was on the long flight! *fist-pump

Let me tell you, it was tricky. There were several moments I was sure the other passengers were totally shooting imaginary daggers in our direction, as they attempted to sleep to the lullaby of a crying baby. So, what helped us survive the endless airplane hours and the airport madness (customs...ouch).

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation.
2. Plenty of formula on hand. We had one of these nice little formula separators: Munchkin Formula Dispenser 
3. Don't forget the baby blankets and plenty of pacifiers... If a pacifier falls on the floor, you'll want a back up if the lights are off.
4. A few little toys. **Suggestion: avoid toys with noise... for your sake and for the passengers around you.
5. Hallelujah for in flight movies!! Now, my son doesn't watch TV yet, but on a 14+ hour flight having birds or other cartoon animals on screen helps distract for at least a minute. "Look dog!" (Dog is Henry's word for all animals at this point in life).  Luckily the flight to and from Australia had endless movies. The birds on Rio 2 or other animal based movies would entertain Henry for at least a minute while Mike and I scrambled to get a bottle fixed.   

6. This little umbrella stroller SAVED US time and time again throughout the trip. As you can see here, Henry was pretty out of it as we raced from one plane to another. I can't remember if this photo was taken before or after the 14 hour flight... Our trip to Melbourne started with a drive to Denver, then a flight to San Francisco, followed by the long flight to Sydney, through customs, and finally a short flight to Melbourne. My little trooper did really well overall!

7. Benadryl : If all else fails on the long flight overseas... give him a little Benadryl (after you check with your doctor regarding the appropriate amount). My doctor actually suggested that we use Benadryl if Henry was having a hard time relaxing on the plane. We only had to use it once on the long flight there and once on the long flight home. Other than that, Henry slept or was content with the little TV, toys, playing his own game of peek-a-boo with the sleeping passengers...etc. 

By the time we made it to Melbourne Mike and I were feeling a bit cabin fever crazy! Henry did really well and we survived. The flight back was amazing! Lucky for us, there were less people wanting to fly to the US from Australia! Henry was able to sit, play, lay down, and sleep in his own seat between us! My arm was thankful. :) Getting back on Colorado's time zone was not quite as fun... but more on that later.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day tea and Farm Expansion

My happy Mother's Day involved a BBC TV show, a pot of green-ginger tea, and of course my handsome little man! The moment this shot was taken, HD was booty-scootching over to his police car that rolled away. This little dude prefers to pivot in circles in the general direction of his desire rather than crawl. What a goof! :) 

It was a wonderful first Mother's Day for sure! My man made breakfast & lunch for me, and I was able to spend a bit of time in the garden before a storm blew in. Perfection. While I planted my two new red birthday roses, I was pleasantly misted by rain. Ahh, it felt like I was gardening in Portland, Oregon. Oh so nice! :) ... Then the wind picked up and gardening was replaced by my lovely spot of tea seen above.

Henry is seen here telling us all about what he learned from this issue of Time Magazine. Like father like son, what can I say? :)

I am head over heals about these three buds! Mark this as year 1 that my peonies have put out buds! I am eagerly awaiting their beautiful blooms.

Oh yes we did! Those are turkeys! No, they are not all ours. We 5 went to a local farm, sadly 4 didn't make it, and we will give a couple more away to friends. Spreading the love! Aren't they cute? Henry loves watching them. :) fun, fun!

Seriously, how cute? Right?!

Anywho, cheers! Here's to warm weather and cold beverages! Tonight I made some Brazillian Limonades! Yum-o!!! All ya do is blend together 3 limes (quartered), 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk, 1/3 cup sugar, and 4 cups water. Strain and enjoy over ice! So good! Add some coconut rum if you want to add a twist!
Excuse the moody lighting above, this was our evening beverage after a 90 degree day! Bring on the hot weather!!!

~ jess

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Life on an Urban Farm

Yes, that is a chicken. Yes, she is inside on Mike's chair. Yes, I shoo'd her off after taking this picture. Miss. Houdini has been loving upto her name recently! 

Last week Mike came back in from feeding the chickens in the morning with a sad disposition. Houdini was no where to be found...which for a chicken typically means they're toast. A dog's meal. Finished... We went through the work day thinking we were down to 2 chickens. Would we take a trip to Big R to buy another couple chickens? What to do, what to do. But then, when Henry and I were taking our evening spin around the garden before the dinner-bath-bed routine, I heard her! The silly bird somehow found her way into the garage! Haha. Life with foul birds is definately constantly interesting!

Here is Red. She is pretty adventurous too. A 9 year old neighbor boy found her outside our yard once. He managed to pick her up and bring her back "before his dog ate her." What a good kid... And talented! Chickens are rather difficult to catch most of the time.

Instead if ducks, we are trying out geese this year. Check out this goslings! They are already much bigger than the ducks were at this point. 

What about the turkeys you ask? They are being shipped to us! Mike had to order like 20 of them in order for the company he went through to ship them to us, so he will be distributing them to a couple local farms and to friends who also raise chickens.

Never a dull moment around the Hartkop Farm!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hanging in the Mornin' & I Spy a Couple Teeth!

This was the best Monday!!!
Monday ended up being a random day (mostly) off. Whenever our daycare provider closes during the week we have to figure out other arrangements. Typically I end up watching him and bringing him to work for a couple hours while I complete my essential daily tasks. This time was fantastically different! Michael decided to take most of the day off also! While Mike worked a bit in the morning Henry and I hung out in the garden. Jump, jump, jump'a roo! He totally digs this little harness! And hanging outside? With his dog, cat, and one of his chickens!? This was the coolest morning ever!
(By the way, yes that is a yellow chicken in the background. Meet Bowie the Chicken!)
Henry jumped while mommy sipped her Solar Roast Coffee! Spring mornings in Colorado are superb! I'm glad we went outside when we did because the wind picked up in the afternoon. 
Ahh, this is the life. 

Frankie-dog joined us in our little corner. He would run around the garden, chase a squirrel, lick Henry's cheek, then lay back down by my foot. This cycle occurred every few minutes. 

Mike came home just before Henry's first nap. We took a quick drive over to Beulah while Henry napped. Time for a little hike with our boy!  Like I said- best Monday ever! :) We tested out this rad new backpack carrier! Henry loved it! Not one frustrated peep came from this little 8 month old while up in the backpack carrier. He was completely distracted by the wonders found under the trees. 

Lucky for us, this carrier was a score found in a second-hand sport store on the southside of Pueblo. So cool! Let the fun hikes begin!! Woohoo!

I love my boys by the way! :)

So, yesterday while I was feeding Henry some dinner I noticed some white peeking out of his gums! Our little baby is getting his first teeth!!! Holy cow! 

Peace & Love

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Off To The Park!!!

Michael, Henry, and I took a stroll over to our local park!  
Henry had fun swinging on the baby swing for the first time. 

How fun! We relaxed on the grass for a bit.
Henry thought Dad's hat was way better than his own hat. He looks pretty darn cute!

We finished our park excursion with some bird watching.